Lusan Mandongus


Revel in the star-lit creations of Lusan Mandongus― where you will find a world of bridal glamour and refinement. The story began a quarter century ago when one girl and a trio of guys met on their journey of fashion studies. Inspired by a gamut of distinguished novels, music, art and films, they soaked up their moods, cultures and experiences to craft their own artistic perspectives.


From musings on the literature of Doris Lessing and Ai-Lang Zhang, art movements such as Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism, operas like The Peony Pavilion, to exquisite Hollywood legends Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, these influences form the imagination of Lusan Mandongus. While each of the quartet’s voices may favour a different approach, they are nevertheless in firm agreement on philosopher René Descartes’ statement of “Je pense, donc je suis” (I think, therefore I am), an attitude that ignite their collective styles. From that moment, the first sparks of Lusan Mandongus came to life.


The philosophy is transformed into the nexus of Lusan Mandongus. There are relentless pursuits for fabrics from the four corners of Italy and France, in search of lost laces: the rare, the overlooked and glorious treasures of times past. While respecting traditions and histories, designers at Lusan Mandongus also bring creative revisionings of precious Chantilly lace— through cutting, reshaping and rearranging the material to offer them renewed vitality. They pore over every minute surface and parts of the fabric and laces, thinking and deliberating on what the reworkings may offer to the brides-in- waiting. At Lusan Mandongus, every dress we craft is a star awaiting you to illuminate.